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It's here.
Dec 8, 10 7:41 PM
Patch Day!
Jun 22, 10 10:18 PM
C-C-C-C-C-Clysm News!
May 8, 10 9:43 PM
More CLYSM News!
Apr 7, 10 4:29 PM
Blues News -or- I want my Clysm all over your face.
Mar 9, 10 6:28 PM
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Service Updates
Hello and welcome to the FFG site. This is just starting out and I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing. Expect forums and registering. This will be updated probably a lot in the next few days as I get everything set up. If you are a member of FFG you will need to take the time to register. This is our filthy little corner of the web where we can talk about upcoming events and work out our two ICC groups.

Other Guild News

It's here.

Lukdramain, Dec 8, 10 7:41 PM.
Welcome to the Cataclysm!

Patch Day!

Grazcruzk, Jun 22, 10 10:18 PM.
Ruby Sanctum goes live today dudes. That means something new to tide us over when we're tired of bashing our brains in ICC but still wanna punch stuff. Learn the fights, sign up to raids. Come paunch and shoost new things. See new loot!

C-C-C-C-C-Clysm News!

Dert-o-rama!, May 8, 10 9:43 PM.
As many of you may have already heard, has leaked many screenshots from the Alpha testing of Cataclysm. Check it out!

More CLYSM News!

Grazcruzk, Apr 7, 10 4:29 PM.
Be sure to keep an eye on over the next few days if you are interested in previewing class changes for the expansion. A few interesting notes are dispel mechanics are being re-worked and DKs will have a dedicated tanking tree, blood.

Blues News -or- I want my Clysm all over your face.

Dert-o-rama!, Mar 9, 10 6:28 PM.
Little peak at gear changes and the new "Mastery System" can be found here.

Also, an earlier post worth mentioning is here concerning stat changes.

Find Ruby Sanctum and BG Rewards @ the Dalaran Inn.

Check em out.

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